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Countdown to Changels Nemesis

As those who follow Changels on facebook will know the first volume of the next epic book in the Changels series: Changels Nemesis has passed draft one stage. In Changels Nemesis it's still 2009 although Sam and the other Changels are 15 now.

Some things have changed and some things remain the same. Sam and Emma are an item, Sue has taken over Grandpop's job (and is romantically involved with Aunty Liz), and they are still travelling the world looking for those teens who will safeguard the future. But there are also differences. Control has been replaced by "Mike" the artificial intelligence which incorporates Grandpop's mind; Cam has found her mother; and Tarik's father and Tahira's mother are getting married. Things in the world are also changing. In Iran the Greens are rising against the electoral fraud of President Ahmadinejad, and Al Qaeda is still causing problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

But as readers will expect Changels is no soap opera. Their foes, stirred by the loss of two carriers and hundreds of Brudershaft in March are not taking the unexpected arrival of such a threat to their control of Earth lightly. They are determined to close the Changels down by any means possible.

At the same time Sam is getting older and more adult. With more adult powers come more adult challenges and when you are seriously psychic those challenges are not just the ones all teenagers face.

Changels Nemesis will be R16. The kid gloves are coming off and the adult stuff will be landing hard.

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