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"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality" - Martin Luther King  Jr

Six teen refugees with psychic powers and alien tech are the guardian angels of change.


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Fourteen year old Sam Kahu is in a police station in Auckland, New Zealand. He is Maori and psychic. He knows ghosts are real, and that UFOs are real, because they are hunting for him. He also knows Sue Williams, the 27 year old lesbian detective sitting opposite him, is about to be dumped by her girlfriend.


Working in Youth Aid Sue knows of the deep wounds Sam suffered when his gang leader father killed his mother when he was only four. But the reason Sam is being interviewed now is he is the sole apparent survivor of a mysterious house fire. A fire that may have killed 19 including a Russian financier (rumoured to be a UFO nut) his wife and daughter, and five unusual families from the US, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Turkey and Iran.


What Sue's bosses want to know is where are the missing people, and how and why did the fire start?


Very soon Sue's world is upside down. Sam is taking care of her, and leading her into a world which spans the globe, involving real wars, crimes and corruption, and some truly insidious alien infiltrators. Fortunately Sam has help: some incredible technology from people he will only call 'our friends',


Over six book length parts and 2,400 pages Sue's world, and the readers continues to expand into the darker corners of the Earth at the beginning of the 21st century until Sue too becomes a critical part of a secret and subtle battle for humanity's survival.


With elements of coming-of-age, actual events, science fiction, romance, paranormal, adventure and detective stories Changels Genesis is no light-weight. It is a binge read for people who delight in big, multi-dimensional stories; who like their fiction so close to reality you can almost taste it; and who like powerful relationships and emotions that toll through one like a great bell. Changels Genesis is truly an epic of political change in a fantasy wrapper for the early 21st century.


Third edition completely re-edited and re-published including extensive maps.

All six parts are published separately (see "Read" above) or as Changels Genesis in a single volume (only available on Kindle)

Darker, Sexier

Following Changels

Genesis, is a new series Changels Nemesis beginning

with "Dark Side"

Customer Reviews

"This is the product of an amazingly imaginative mind. I'm well hooked. "
"If you're looking for something completely unique, open to commit to a longer series, and ready for very interesting content, give this book a try"
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